Ponies for Adoption


Thank you for considering to adopt a DPHT Pony. Please watch the short film on the right which explains how your adoption helps us fund our work


Charlie is our biggest pony. He is incredibly inquisitive and friendly and always the first to run across the field to greet us in the morning. He is dark bay in colour and has a small white mark on his upper lip. No matter how hard we try to tame his mane he always appears to have a bad hair day.


He is a very handsome gelding, with a bright bay coat and striking black mane and tail. George is calm and friendly, and although still young; he has experienced a huge amount. He will continue to work with young people with disabilities and children on school visits.


He is our youngest pony and is a beautiful liver chestnut in colour. He has developed into a friendly and trustworthy young gelding. He is learning voice commands and responds well to schooling. His behaviour is impeccable when we take him to events and he adores attention and meeting people. A wonderful Heritage Pony.


Smartie is a petite and pretty jet black mare, with a very kind and gentle nature. She thoroughly enjoys being around people of all ages and has been involved in our 'Ponies Inspiring People' programme at Occombe Farm. A wonderful ambassadress for the Dartmoor Heritage Pony.


This year, in addition to its existing ponies George, Charlie, Smartie and Rolo, we have a new 'girl' who needs to be loved! Puddy is two years old and came to the Trust as a gift from Devon-based famous wildlife and adventure photographer, Tracey Elliot-Reep. Puddy represents the bloodlines and wonderful temperament of a herd that has now almost disappeared from the Moor. It is hoped that she will join the DPHT's team of ponies that are the foundation of its 'Ponies Inspiring People' programmes - working with young people with challenging behaviour and disabilities - when she matures at 4-5 years old.


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