DPHT is committed to adding value to Dartmoor ponies as a way of ensuring the pony keepers have a secure and long-term marketplace for their annual foal crop. Handling the ponies has proved to be the most effective way of adding value. See pony handling and training

Since 2009 The DPHT has worked with special needs students and young people using the Dartmoor Pony as a platform for learning and developing life skills. The programmes are tailored to individual needs and allow participants to to interact with a sensitive animal, creating a bond and gaining confidence to deal with new situations. The students also achieve new life skills that help them improve their personal development. See Ponies Inspiring People

We undertake a wide range of education initiatives as another way to showcase the wonderful temperament and versatility of the  Dartmoor pony and raise awareness of the ponies' vital role in maintaining the ecology of Dartmoor. See education and schools visits

Visit a herd of ponies grazing at Bellever Forest on Dartmoor, where you can also see Bronze Age hut circles and other ancient monuments. See FREE! Guided walks

We liaise with conservation bodies like the National Trust and local Wildlife Trusts to place ponies for conservation grazing. This involves handling the ponies and training the wardens in pony care. We manage a 82-hectare site at Bellever, near Postbridge in the centre of Dartmoor. See conservation grazing and Bellever Conservation Project

DPHT is also an active member of the Pony Action Group, an association of organizations concerned for the welfare and future of the ponies on Dartmoor.