GROUND STARTED - The DPHT offers a free handling service for our Dartmoor Pony Keepers. All ponies / foals are Ground Started in five basic foundation skills: 1. Halter 2. Leading 3. Picking up feet / grooming 4. Catching 5. Loading into a trailer.

CONSERVATION GRAZING  -  A number of small herds all bucket trained and suitable for conservation grazing are now available  - all ponies will be eligible for the Native Breeds at Risk Supplement.

RIDING PONIES are available on request - please email for more information. We will need to know what you want to do with your new pony, size, age, colour preference, etc.

New crop of Dartmoor Foals just off the moor, all well grown, weaned and ground started, range of colours available.

We always have a range of young stock and ponies available that we have been working on, so if you don't see the pony you are looking for on our SALES LIST, still contact us as we have many contacts that may just have that special pony or herd of conservation grazers that you are looking for.

Please contact us on 01626 833234 or email


Each pony has a guide price in the sales list. The highest offer made over a guide price will normally be accepted, but sensible offers under the guide price may be considered. If you wish to make an offer on a pony, please discuss with the owner of the pony.Method of payment will be agreed between the vendor and the purchaser. If you intend to pay by cheque a bankers letter stating the amount up to which the cheque will be honoured is advised.The purchaser is on risk once an agreement has been made and is strongly advised to secure insurance.


Transport Recommendation

"I would just like everyone to know how pleased I was with Paul Cannon when he brought 2 unbroken Dartmoor fillies from the Sherberton Stud up to Welshpool yesterday. Alison Geen advised me that he stood quietly by and let them load the ponies onto his lorry without any interference, which is a rare occurrence. When the ponies arrived here, he let down the ramp and again let the ponies come out in their own time and bearing in mind that their journey was over four and a half hours they were remarkably calm. His charges for bringing the ponies here were so very reasonable and when I gave him the money and asked whether he wanted to count it, he said "if you trust me to bring your ponies to you, then I trust you to pay me and it's not necessary to check". I would really recommend him to anyone who requires transport for their ponies or horses and I only wish he was based in our area".


Mary Spears


We would like to say a massive 'Thank you' to Dru and all at DPHT for our wonderful pony Spike. He is one in a million and I wouldn't be without him now for the world. The help I recieved from Dru was fantastic, she was perfessional, caring and understanding of what I was looking for and pointed me in the right direction. I was in a slight panic as my pony was about to be left with no company and I needed another pony ASAP, I contacted every pony trust going and Dru was the first one to get back to me. I had been to visit Spike and fell in love with him before the other trusts had even returned my call!! The fact that I can trust what I am told in regards to Spikes training is one of the main reasons I took him home. I needed a pony that would be safe with my girls. He is such a sweet boy and we are so lucky to have found him. John and Kerry were/are fantastic. I have never met a nicer couple and I also thank them. I will be recomending DPHT to all my friends and anyone I meet.

From Sam and two very happy girls,

Becky 4 and Charlie 3. xxx

Thankyou to Dru and the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust. We are really pleased with our 3 fillies, they are all very pretty and have nice tempraments and the groundwork done by the DPHT has been invaluable. It was well worth the distance we travelled to see them.

Mrs D, Suffolk

Thankyou for all the information you sent us regarding ponies for sale. Last monday we visited David Powell to look at his ponies. We agreed to buy a young filly Bluebell (she was on the sale list) who my daughter fell in love with and a gelding called Mr Brown who seems very friendly, gentle and came when called. We are all really looking forward to this. We had a lovely day on Dartmoor it was nice to see so many ponies with foals who all seemed very friendly.Thanks again for all your help in this matter. We are looking forward to many years of taking care of our new pets.

Kind regards Ian & Lisa Parker

Hi there, just wanted to say we have had Zig Zag for a week now and he is wonderful, great with the children, just what I wanted. Thank you so much for all your help in enabling me to find him!

Tara Berlyn and the 3 happy little jockeys, Ryan 7, Scott 5 and Luke 2


Hi Dru.
Thank you so much for your response to my email yesterday enquiring after ponies to buy. I have had a great response from the pony keepers and am busy sifting threw information before thanking everyone individually. After many email enquiries your site has provided the fastest and most helpful response. Many thanks again.

Fiona - wanting a family pony for herself and her two sons.


Thought I'd just send you a quick email to let you know Jet's progress. He is lunging very well, I lead him out on hacks off my horse, he's long reining well and I backed him about 3 weeks ago. I rode him up through the woods the other day & so far not a lot phases him. His way of dealing with things he's not sure about is to just stop & shut down for a bit. He thinks about things especially over night & comes back the next day as if he's either asked one of the others or has read up on it over night!.

Graham Colton and Verity Nicholls – Peek Hill Farm, Walkhampton, Near Yelverton

June 03, 2019

Graham and Verity breed pedigree Dartmoor ponies on their farm at Walkhampton, nr Yelverton.

Three iron grey 2-year-old pedigree fillies (pictured below) by Merribridge Boss.

They have all been halter broken and lead well but have had very little else done to them so will need experienced owners – but will make great ponies.

Peek Hill Farm, Walkhampton, Near Yelverton

Anton Coaker and Alison Geen - Sherberton Farm


The Coakers have farmed and bred ponies at Sherberton for over 160 years.   We keep pedigree Dartmoors and both pedigree Dartmoor breeders and other Dartmoor farmers have used the Sherberton bloodlines.  They are not mollycoddled and run with our pedigree Belted and Riggit Galloways and hill sheep on rough ground rising from 1000 ft above sea level. Please ask for more details as we have other ponies for sale than those listed.

Hannah and Luke Fursdon - Lower Town Farm, Poundsgate

June 03, 2019

Lowertown Farm

We run an established herd of good quality and carefully selected pedigree and heritage approved mares and we aim to produce well tempered family ponies.
For a number of years we had a vasectomised pedigree stallion (Merribridge Groomsman) to reduce the number of ponies bred but unfortunately we lost him in the summer of 2018 so we've recently bought a gorgeous pedigree Dartmoor stallion called Lightening Flash.

He has rare pedigree bloodlines so we're looking forward to handling and producing his offspring.

We have sold ponies for riding, driving, companionship, conservation grazing, horse agility and family pets - even over the internet and phone without viewing!

Testimonials on our website -

John French and Kerry Smith - Mitchelcombe Farm


Herd Information

The French family have been farming in Mitchelcombe since the 1870's. In the heyday of the farm the family ran a large herd of over 250 Dartmoor ponies on Holne common. Today a small herd of 25 traditional type Dartmoor ponies are managed by John French and his business partner Kerry Smith. They are carefully chosen for hardiness, confirmation and temperament ensuring that the offspring of this tough, semi-feral herd will be suitable to train with a view to selling them as wonderful family ponies.

Ken & Daff Edwards - Langworthy Farm, Widecombe


Herd History

We started our herd with three mares who came from the moors with no identification marks on them. They were all of Dartmoor type and so were graded as SR1, which means they were eligible to enter the Dartmoor Pony Society's Supplementary Register, as Supplementary Register 1.

Glebe Farm Partnership - Michael Lamb & Margaret Rogers

March 20, 2020

Registered Dartmoor Ponies from our Generational Herd.
A unique opportunity to purchase stock from our herd, off the high moorland of Dartmoor.
We continue to be passionate about breeding for temperament, and our ponies continue to be extremely versatile.
The welfare of our ponies is paramount and we work hard to find suitable loving homes for them, from which we get regular feedback. We have a regular worming programme for all our stock.



Michael Mr Tim Whitley - Hedge Barton, Widecombe


The Whitley's have been keeping ponies on Dartmoor for two generations with the third generation taking a keen interest. From Grandfather to grandson / daughter the whole family are involved in rounding the ponies up, bringing  the youngstock back onto farm for handling. The herd of 14 Heritage approved mares put to a pedigree stallion cover the areas between Widecombe Hill to Houndtor. These mares produce big, strong and kind tempered ponies suitable as riding and driving, but equally suited to conservation grazing. A selection of stock ranging from weaned foals to 3yr old handled mares are available.

Selection of geldings and fillies

10 Fillies and 7 Geldings all with heritage passports. Geldings in photo.

Mrs Diana Alford - East Week, South Zeal


Herd History

The Cawsand Herd of Dartmoor Ponies goes back 5 generations of Dartmoor Pony Keepers. Superb producer of ponies with strong bone, good conformation and excellent temperaments. Whether for the show ring or as a family friend one of our ponies will make a special addition to your home.

Sandra Dodd, Chubb Farm, Peter Tavy, Nr Tavistock


Herd Information

Our small herd of ponies run the common alongside our cattle and sheep. We only keep Dartmoor type ponies. The ponies are gathered from the common twice a year; but seen on a regular basis by one of the family!

Sue Hutchings - Yardworthy Farm, Chagford

Sue runs a herd of pedigree ponies near Fernworthy Forest - ponies are always of good bone and substance. Tough, strong ponies capable of living out in some of the harshest weather Dartmoor can bring.

Sue Martin - Pizwell Farm, Postbridge

Frank and Sue have grown up on Dartmoor so have many years experience of animals on Dartmoor, particularly ponies. We farm at Pizwell Farm, Postbridge, one of the ancient tenaments of the Moor. As well as our South Devon cattle & Cheviot sheep we have chosen to keep pedigree ponies but run them on the moor in a traditional manner. Sue is a Dartmoor Pony Society A Panel judge and more than happy to offer any advice you may need. We are proud to breed quality Dartmoor ponies for their temperament and suitability to become children's ponies.

All ponies for sale are by Swincombetor Monty( by Hisley Salvo) who is now in France so this will be the last chance to buy his stock.

Foals spend their first winter indoors and given dry feed to help them mature. They are all  handled, haltered and have their feet picked up as a start to their basic education and then run out to mature. All are fully registered, passported and microchipped.

Elizabeth Newbolt-Young


The Shilstone Rocks Stud, established in 1958, consistently breeds top class champion Dartmoor ponies. They have won Sire, Mare and Stallion of the year, inter breed ridden and in hand championships, and have qualified for Olympia and Horse of the Year (being highly placed in the finals of both these prestigious events). In fact, our ponies are winning all over the world, in hand and under saddle. We have always aimed at breeding a rugged native pony, but at the same time, with quality and substance. Temperament is one of the main considerations.

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