Hannah and Luke Fursdon,

Lower Town Farm, Poundsgate


The Blackator Herd

The Fursdon family have been farming on Dartmoor for over thirty years, but have recently started breeding Dartmoor ponies again after a long break.


With the help of Luke and Hannah Fursdon, a qualified horse behaviourist and trainer, Miles and Gail Fursdon bought a small herd of mares in 2008 to run with their licenced Dartmoor stallion Merribridge Groomsman. Luke and Hannah manage the Dartmoor herd, everything from regular worming to handling.


We believe it is important for the foals to grow into confident and happy ponies suitable for long term careers. The foals are handled for a couple of weeks after weaning once they have settled. Most foals are quite independent even at this young age, but are very quick to learn.


We use natural horsemanship techniques, such as positive reinforcement. After the initial training the foals get turned out onto good pasture on our farm in a herd environment to mature. We use the prefix Blackator, after the Dartmoor Tor above our farm.


We have sold ponies all over the UK, some of which have been sold unseen to family homes.

Blackator Fern

Beautiful two year old filly who will make a super family pony. Very friendly and will trot over to you in the field for kisses on her nose! She’ll make about 11.3hh at maturity. She’s learnt all the basics so its just a case of regular handling to help her progress. A firm favourite on the yard due to her very friendly and inquisitive character. No known vices or health issues, never bitten or kicked. Passported, micro-chipped and regularly wormed. Further photos available upon request £350 ono

Blackator Galaxy

A very stunning gelding, to make around 11.2hh. He’s had all the basic handling, a quick learner and easy to do although he is initially nervous, however he’s only a yearling to it’s to be expected, with an experienced home and regular routine he’ll excel in any sphere. A beautiful pony with matching personality who will make someone very happy. No known health issues or vices. Passported, micro-chipped, regularly wormed and handled. Further photos available upon request. £240

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The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (Registered Charity No. 1109196) was established in 2005 in response to widespread concern about the viability and long-term survival of the traditional Dartmoor pony.

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