GROUND STARTED - The DPHT offers a free handling service for our Dartmoor Pony Keepers. All ponies / foals are Ground Started in five basic foundation skills: 1. Halter 2. Leading 3. Picking up feet / grooming 4. Catching 5. Loading into a trailer.

CONSERVATION GRAZING  -  A number of small herds all bucket trained and suitable for conservation grazing are now available  - all ponies will be eligible for the Native Breeds at Risk Supplement.

RIDING PONIES are available on request - please email for more information. We will need to know what you want to do with your new pony, size, age, colour preference, etc. As most Dartmoor Pony Keepers cannot retain their ponies through to maturity and being broken in, we rarely have ponies from them that are for sale and are 'ready to go' from the Moor.  However, some of our pony keepers (eg studs such as Shilstone Rocks) may have riding/driving ponies occasionally.  We are also sometimes asked to help find homes for ponies that originally came from Dartmoor but have gone to private homes since but are now outgrown.  We would encourage you to take a look at the Dartmoor Pony Society Sales List which more often carries mature ponies.  However, we are always happy to advise, point you in the right directions and do all we can to help.

The Annual Pony Drift will be taking place in September/October on Dartmoor, when all the ponies are rounded up and brought down to the farms for checking, separating mares and foals and for farmers to choose which ponies will go back to the Moor and which will be sold. If you are interested in buying an unhandled youngster that could become a family's best friend or a companion pony or conservation grazer, please do get in touch and we may be able to help you find one before the annual Sale at Chagford

We always have a range of young stock and ponies available that we have been working on, so if you don't see the pony you are looking for below, still contact us as we have many contacts that may have that special pony or herd of conservation grazers that you are looking for.

Spring 2020 Update
As we are seeing the youngsters coming in for handling and people have new foals on the ground, this is a time when pony stock is changing rapidly and it is recommended that anyone interested in buying a pony from a Dartmoor Pony Keeper should contact DPHT in the first instance.
Our farmers can offer Pedigree, SR and traditional unregistered ponies (Heritage), with prices varying considerably depending on not only breeding and age, but how much handling they have had. All stock will be passported and microchipped; colts usually gelded.

Please email: with full details of what sort of pony you are looking for, including budget, sex, purpose, etc.  

John French at Holne:  Two lovely yearling geldings for sale, unregistered (DPS pink passports) and unhandled, details on application.  Initial enquiries to DPHT on 01626 833234 or email

Verity Nicholls (nee Colton): Call for information about current stock, including some ponies conservation grazing at Bellever, that may be available to the right home. Initial enquiries to DPHT on 01626 833234 or email


Langworthy Farm, Widecombe - Yearling filly.

Langworthy Farm, Widecombe – Ken and Daf Edwards: 

Yearling filly out of our mare Langworthy Linnet who was shown very successfully, culminating in being the Dartmoor Pony Society's Ridden Mare of the Year a few years ago, by Dunnabridge Pegasus.  In a normal world, she would be out there on the showing circuit, as we do with all our yearlings but this isn't a normal world, so she's at home munching grass. But handled with feet trimmed and inoculations up to date: £800.  She's for sale as we also have her full sister, that's the only reason.

Please ring Ken if you want to know more, on 01364 621242


Tracey Lear:

Tracey Lear:  

We have Silka, Serrine Tumble and Thyme, unregistered Dartmoors on pink passports, rising 5 years – who came to the centre for their basic handling when they were fillies.

We have some SR girls also rising 4 (unhandled to date)

Contact info: or tel: 01822 853919

Tim Whitley/Sue Hutchings, Hedgebarton Farm:

Tim Whitley/Sue Hutchings, Hedgebarton Farm:  

We have Ruby who is three years old – had a fair amount of handling in her early years and nice attitude and temperament.  

There are two 2-year-olds: April and Honeybags.  These ponies are lovely but have had very little handling yet.  

Plus some older ponies out conservation grazing at Castle Drogo: Bramble, Frosty who are geldings and Twinkle and Bracken who are fillies – all 4 years.

Plus gelding Frisky, three, a chestnut – he’s best suited for conservation grazing and is currently also at Castle Drogo on loan to the National Trust. 

These ponies are all on non-pedigree Dartmoor Pony Society pink passports and are microchipped.  

Contact DPHT in the first instance on

Alison Geen: Three yearlings

Alison Geen: Three yearlings:   

Sherberton Puffin – Gelding, Bay, microchipped, wormed and passported – haltered a couple of times.  Once halter on, Puffin accepts it ok.  He will likely make 12hh or bigger while the other 2 are likely to be smaller.   

Sherberton Presley – Gelding, Brown/Black, microchipped, wormed and passported. Bottom of the herd but easy to halter and touch all over.  Sweet little bean and a real cutie.  

Sherberton Peregrine who is bright bay with white star. Peregrine is more suitable as a conservation grazer - microchipped, wormed and passported.   Each £450 plus VAT each.

Contact info: or tel 01364 631276

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